Protect Your Solar Panels From Birds

May 13, 2020 | By William Medland | Filed in: Pet Services.

Solar panels are one of the most used alternative energy recourses in the world and especially in regions that receive ample amount if sunlight such as Australia during the summers. It is quite common for house owners to have solar panels on their roof. And those who have solar panels installed that it is one in a life time kind of an investment as these are expensive to have and not everyone can afford them or get them replaced every few months. One of the reasons as to why solar panels get damaged is due to bird infestation in the area. If you have solar panels installed, it is recommended that you get them bird proofed by Elite Bird Control. The team at Elite bird has come up with a simple and easy method where by your solar panels will be able to perform to their optimum efficiency. The product they have in store is known as the solar panel mesh, which guarantees to keep birds away from your solar panels.

It is quite common a sight in an area that has bird infestation that roof of houses are mostly damaged. In such an area, the risk of solar panel being damaged is quite high and no one would want to take a risk worth thousands of dollars. Some of the ways in which birds can damage your solar panels are: by making nest under them, droppings on the panel can affect its functionality, birds resting on panels and much more. Once solar panels are damaged due to any of the above stated or other reasons, its performance deteriorates and for those who don’t know, many a time’s repairs and maintenance of these sorts can end up costing you more than the original price of the solar panel itself. So it is extremely important that you do not neglect this procedure of bird proof solar panels.

Install anti bird netting

One way to keep birds away from your residential area is by having anti bird nets installed. For having the best nets available in town, contact the team at Elite bird as they have the best quality nets. If you are wondering that why a bird net is required, then you need to know that having a bird or two around the house may seem good, but having an infestation is surely not. These nests hence allow you to create this zone within which birds are not allowed to enter. It is best for you if you are conscious about the exterior of your house or if it has some architectural features that you feel can be destroyed by bird population. Having an anti bird net basically is among the preventive measures, one of the ways to not have a bird infestation, but what to do if there already is an infestation. In such a scenario, it is recommended that you discuss with the team at Elite Bird and let them decide if a repellent would work or some other service.

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